Thursday, 2 January 2014

Year-End Mask!

Posted by Joachim Ardiles Jukie

  There are huge year end sale in Malaysia and in fact there is YES (Year End Sale) campaign for great discounts and offers for shoppers around Malaysia. But, I am not talking about it. In fact I have the campaign of my own too! The YEM a.k.a the Year End Mask. This time is used for me to experimenting facial masks in the market and choose the best for use throughout the year. Okay! Here are the masks that I tried throughout the end of year 2013...

Mask #1: Garnier Self-Heating Sauna Clay Mask

*Clay mask that contains zinc and white clay. It claimed that it could heat my skin and purifies my face for 7 days 
*Suitable for oily/combination skin like me.
*Use once or twice a week for 3 minutes (I prefer 5) on your T-zone or your forehead.

My Verdict
*Cheap :) 
*Have pleasant smell... A bit like rose... But, not really. :)
*Feel clean and smooth (as my pores closed) :)
*This dual packages could last me a month :)
*You can feel the effect but not seeing the effect... :(
*Feel purified for only 3-4 days only not like the product claimed... :( :(
*Unable to remove my blackheads :( :( :(

Will I Buy Another One???
 *Because the prize is so cheap, yeah...
  Because this product less effective, I have to reconsiderate that...

Rating: 2 star

Mask #2: Catena Emergency Mask Whitening and Pore Shrinking

*Contains hyaluronidase of polysaccharide that can effectively replenish skin with moisture and combines moisture with skin amphithecium to enhance cell antibody and whiten skin. 
*For skins that are dirty, oily with acnes, large pores and comedos
*Maintains proper moisture of skin, helps to kill germs resists, inflammation resisting and clean pore.
*Use 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes (I used it for 20 minutes)

My Verdict 
*Has a cooling effect to close my pore :)
*Makes my face a bit glowy for a short period :(
*Brightens my face, but not too obvious :(
*I can feel clean and moist feeling :)
*Has soothing smell :)

Will I Buy Another One???
If I able to get it my town, yes...

Rating: 3.5 star

Mask #3: It's Skin Clinical Skin Solution Collagen Mask Sheet

*Contains collagen extract to improve skin moisture balance and smooth skin.
*Suitable for all skin types.
*Use 1-2 times weekly for 15-20 minutes

My Verdict
*Felt in love with the smell, very soothing :) :)
*Feel clean and smooth :)
*Makes my skin dewy and glowy (even until I wrote this post) :) :) :)
*Brightening my skin a bit :)
*A bit greasy serum :(
*Still have a plenty serum leftover I could reuse it :) :) :)

Will I Buy Another One???
Definitely yes! If It's Skin ever opens in my town...

Ratings: 4.5 star

So these are my verdicts of the masks I used. Each was carefully picked by me suit my skin need. But, nobody knows if it suit my skin until I used it. Among three the best one is It's Skin Clinical Skin Solution Collagen Sheet Mask. Wait for my next blog on proper use of mask!

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