Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Fashion Watch: Karen Walker and Kpop Idols

Posted by Joachim Ardiles Jukie

   I bought a Karen Walker Cupid Arrow Sunglasses while I was in the 'Legendary Island' Langkawi last June 2013. I always curious on any new product brand I found so I did a research in the internet. It turns out that there are many Korean celebrities use Karen Walker sunglasses! Hoho, my heart flustered and seems like I meant to be in love with Kpop as I bought a sunglasses brand worn by many Korean celebrities!
    * My Karen Walker sunglasses

Okay, let's not beat around the bush and let see who among K-celebrities using Karen Walker sunglasses...

    * Lee Joon my bias in MBLAQ member!

    * Another of my bias! Dojoon of B2ST!

    * V of Bangstan Boys, isn't he look cool with Karen Walker sunglasses?                                                         

    * Jun.K of 2PM yet again my bias! 

* G-Dragon of BigBang claims that Karen Walker sunglasses is his favourite 

* Self claim no.1 flower boy in Korea, Jang Geunsuk also use Karen Walker sunglasses. Hey! That look the same as Lee Joon's!

  * Yet another BigBang member Daesung... Ughh, he looks like Chuckie!

      * Taeyang of Bigbang also use Karen Walker sunglasses on Michigo MV

    * Cha Seungwon... Dashing!

    * This Gentleman seems to love Karen Walker sunglasses as well

 Even female Korean celebrities using Karen Walker sunglasses! Here are some of the ladies who doesn't want to miss the spotlight...



* Yuri and Hyoyeon of SNSD (Girl's Generation) spotted using Karen Walker sunglasses                                            

   * Ivy walking around bustling streets of Seoul just to show off her chic Karen Walker glass. Lol...

Okay, so they are among the Korean celebrities found using Karen Walker sunglasses. Some are topnotch celebrities and also my bias! Wish to buy a few more Karen Walker sunglasses collection soon or later!