Friday, 1 August 2014

Battle of the Antagonists!

Posted by Joachim Ardiles Jukie

   Hey, guys! It's been a while since I updated my blog entry... I think it is about six months already? My God! How times flew by... Anyway around the time I didn't write anything my blogs, I watched this 2 great dramas on SBS channels that is <My Love From the Stars> and <Three Days>. It has it own interesting story plot, but what really captivates me is the antagonist of both dramas. Let's see who are they and what kind of evil beings they are (well, in the dramas actually)...

LEE JAE KYUNG (acted by Shin Sung-rok)
In the drama <My Love From the Stars>, Lee Jae-kyung own his dad's company, S&C Group. He had an elder brother, Lee Han-kyung (acted by Yun Woo-jin) which supposed to be succeed his dad to run the company, but killed by well, of course Lee Jae-kyung, where he put poison in the juice which Han-kyung drank it, and it caused gradual paralysis as Jae-kyung enter the room to see it. The next day Lee Han-kyung was 'killed in a car accident' which makes Jae-kyung as heir of SC Group. Unknown to him, there was a pen (got a recorder, must be bought on one of Bond movies xD) on Han-kyung's room where he was murdered, and later discovered by his wife, Yang Min-joo (acted by Kim Hae-in), and sent her to mental hospital. No one knows where she is, he told his family that she wants to further her studies in England. He is responsible for Han Yoo-ra's (acted by Yoo In-young) death, initially Cheon Song-yi (acted by Gianna Jun) was framed for murdering Han Yoo-ra, as they were rivals. 
He have a way to tell that he wants to murder a person, telling the person he is about to kill, "Be healthy," or touching his ring before he kills a person, which makes the audience nervous whenever he says the same line or does the same action. His appearance, he had this old pompadour style, using tons of gels, looked like it was licked by a cow, and that dress he used in the drama really gives an impact for the audience.
Among all of his lines, I liked this the most,
 "There are two types of people. There is useful people and those who are useless... The world is full of people who are as expendable as bugs, with only a few who are truly necessary and when a few of those “bugs” get in his way, it’s best to eliminate them."
“That isn’t evil,” Jae-kyung says. “It’s a good deed that benefits more people.”
I took this line for my drama script (for the drama society), it gives an impact to many viewers.

KIM DO-JIN (acted by Choi Woon-young)
Previous drama, The Inheritors, he played as Yoon Chan-young's (played by Kang Min-hyuk) father, but his character in 3 Days really gives an impact compared to his previous drama. He owns a large and dominant electrical company, Jaeshin group which is under a powerful American weapon supplier, Falcone. He had an addiction of Chopin music, he often played a Nocturne by Frederick Chopin Waltz no.10 Opus no.69 no 2 in B minor. 
Compared to Jae-kyung's, he had no fancy hairstyle, or fancy dress, but his charisma really gives the character a strong identity as a very rich and powerful antagonist. Interesting thing about him is that he always lifting his eyebrows, which is kinda reminds me of Kim Woobin in The Inheritors (could be that he learned from him xD)
Without telling too much about him, lets read this info....

So, no matter Jae-kyung or Do-jin, but I learned a lot from them, not for my acting but also to survive in life, there are something we could learned from them to be adapted in our lives (just don't take the bad one though)... So, you choose... LEE JAE-KYUNG or KIM DO-JIN???